Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Latest News

Thanks to eveyone who has commented on this blog. Your encouraging words mean more to us than you know. We are coming up on week 34 of this pregnancy tomorrow! Man has it flown by. We had our first appointment with our new OB/GYN (high risk) on Monday. Though he is a little bit of an ass, he seems to be really good at what he does. We had another ultrasound that revealed no new info. Ryan is still about 2 weeks behind when it comes to growth but her vitals are stable and she contines to kick Michelle on a regular basis. We also had a chance to look at her heart again yesterday. This also revealed nothing new. We know what were dealing with but as of late and as we get closer to delivering, my faith is not as strong. Please pray for me. I have 2 girls to worry about here. Pray for Michelle. She has had to undergo so much testing and she is becoming exhausted. She has had to receive 2 steroid shots over the last couple days which made her feel nauseated and flushed as she continues to work in this brutal arizona heat. It was 115 yesterday. Thanks again for all the prayers. Without your support this road we have been traveling would have been all the more difficult. Love you all, Jared

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  1. THANK you so so much for doing this Jared---so we can know specifically how to pray for ya'll and stay updated with all that's going on. We wish we could BE THERE so badly...we LOVE YOU 3 so very very much!!!!
    Praying with you---every day.
    love you love you, The Smith's