Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ryan's one year birthday!!!

Hi there, Today is Ryan's one year birthday!! We just wanted to send everyone an update and celebrate this day with all of you who shared on her journey. Today we went to her gravesite and we brought balloons, flowers and some funfetti cookies to celebrate. We placed a candle in one of the cookies and sang her happy birthday. We even took the dogs with us so the whole family was together. :) It was a hard day in some ways because we miss her so much, but it was also a day of celebration that she was born this special day. She was a miracle the day she got here and touched our lives and so many others lives. Ryan truly shifted our lives and our perspective. Through her life we drew closer to God and to one another as well as grew in our dependence and intimacy with God. He loved us so well through her precious life. She awakened our hearts in a new way and expanded our capacity to love and trust God. Since her passing I (Michelle) have quite my job to in a sense reboot my life and make sure I am where God wants me and take time to heal and spend time with Jared. I am also giving writing a go. I am working on writing about this journey with Ryan. Jared is working hard as a fire fighter still and loves it. We are also signed up to go on a mission trip with our church to Mexico in October to work at an orphanage for deaf and blind children. We also are working with a program called the buddy program where we buddy up with a special needs kiddos during church services so their parents can go to church. God has really redirected our lives and we feel so blessed to have gotten the experience we have. To have such a special little girl caused us to pause our lives and redirect them in a way that is both joyous and honors God. She awakened us to live life to the fullest and love deeply everyday. She is to be celebrated and rejoiced! She was and is a miracle and deeply loved forever! Happy Birthday Little!! Love Mom and Dad