Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ryan is slowly moving in the right direction. We hope to get her back to the point where she can get the trach. From a respiratory stand point, she is not quite there yet. Please pray that Michelle and I don't grow weary. I'm having one of those days where I'm just flat out frustrated with everything. Though this experience is very rewarding, at times it can completely exhaust you. And there are moments when you don't think you have the strength to keep going. The toll that this takes on you physically and emotionally simply can't be overstated. Please pray that God will continue to get us through this one day at a time. Jared


  1. Abba, you are the Lord of the weak, the broken hearted, the poor in spirit; you are the strength for weary hands and hearts. All that you ask your children to do, you supply them with all they will have need of. You are the God of perfection, not too much, not too little, just enough for every moment. Shower these beloved with your tender mercies & deep seeded love. They have been in the trenches of a treacherous battle for their precious child's life for an unbearable amount of time & in our limits of vision there is no end in sight. Lift them up Father & hold them close as we would our own children to comfort them. Pour out your unending shower of refreshing to revive their hearts & restore their minds so they can be all they need to be for their daughter who needs them. We do not see your plan fully but we know you are mightily at work among them. May your name be glorified through all this, may the enemy's reach be cut off to this child and her family and may you show forth your miraculous power on their behalf. May they receive FULL restoration; mind, body, soul, spirit,financial, relational, and most of all spiritual. May you grow them in areas they never knew they had and enhance your relationship with them to wells of intimacy that establishes foundations so deep they be unmovable. Show yourself strong Abba for these your beloved. We all know your goodness is everlasting and though we may not know your will in every situation we know YOU in every situation and know you never leave us nor forsake us, so please show yourself Father even in the tiny details not because you have to but because you delight in blessing & uplifting those that love you as a betrothed groom would do for his bride. On days they see victory with their daughter may great praise be to your name and on the rest of the days may they lean into you and may just knowing you are there, being in your presence bring them peace. Guide them Father in these most difficult decisions for their daughter and themselves. Be their strong tower. Minister greatly to little Baby Ryan as she has endured so much in this long trial for her life & livelihood. May you grant her the most abundant life Abba! And may this family of 3 be a beautiful joint supply to one another in inspiration and strength. Because we only see in part we ask all this in light of your perfect will and not just in our own desires. May Your harvest be plenty and your love vast in the name of your beloved son & our Savior Jesus Christ! Selah. Amen.

  2. Praying for you----wow Jody's prayer is beautiful.

  3. From FB re-post of this post:

    Sherry TerLaan: I'm praying for baby ryan and you guys just to hang in there and be strong! lots of hugs!!!

    Paige Casey Tornberg: I pray every day...

    Love to you all!!