Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello all. Ryan has struggled off and on for the last week but has now become more serious. She is not urinating and has become very swollen. She also has extremely poor lung compliance. To me she looks as sick if not sicker than I have ever seen her. Pray for her to be healed but above all else please pray for God's will. Jared


  1. PRAYING...
    sending our love to all 3 of you...

  2. Comments from friends after posting her updates on FB:

    Jared I've been praying for her and will continue to do so. But I just want to encourage you and your precious wife this morning. God knows thing we don't and He will give you both continual strength for you both during the days ahead. It's been a tough season for you. But knowing God has never left you is one of great comfort. God says in His word He hears our prayers and sees our tears and behold He will heal us! Take courage today as you continue to face this change in your life. God is Good and He does good!! Healing is coming!! Baby Ryan is in the palm of His hands. No greater hands to be in. Love and prayers from Socal (Gail Lake)

    Dear God - we are not too tired of praying for Ryan's healing. We have not lost faith that she can come home with her parents for Christmas. We believe in You as her healer and her Champion!! (Pam Osmond)

    Dear God, I know you have Ryan in your arms. I know that you are in control and I know that you love her more than anyone else. I pray for you to comfort her and her parents and to give the Doctors wisdom in her care. In Jesus Name, Amen (Kellie Castaneda)

    Dear Heavenly Father your Son told us in the word - Mathew 6:10 how to pray...Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Lord you endure and keep your promises today and always! So together WE will lift up Ryan today knowing with full instance that you WANT RYAN to live here on earth like it is in heaven! Lord we will stand on Your Word that Ryan will have no pain here just like there is no pain in heaven! In the name of Jesus, no sickness will remain or rule in Ryan's body. She is healed- soul, spirit and body. We endeavor, to stand up for Jesus magnifying and giving Him praise that He is the healer and has healed this Baby. In the name of Jesus, Satan- you have no place in this family’s life and this baby's recovery or health! Today Lord this family, Ryan and their loved ones will stand to be saved by You, HEALED and living stronger for You- Jesus every day, hour by hour and minute by minute. Glory be to God for Your words and promises! Amen (Heather Griffin)

    There are so many more...and so many praying for you all.