Monday, September 12, 2011

Fluid release

Ryan still needs to get rid of some excess fluid around her head and neck before we can attempt to ween her off of the vent. This is priority number one. Michelle and I are doing good right now but we are slowly becoming exhausted. It's tough to not become drained at this point. Please pray for Ryan's swelling and pray for strength and perseverance for Michelle and I. Thanks, Jared

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  1. We are right there with you. It is impossible not to be drained through all this, but there is a level of faith I have never known before reaching this completely empty stage while hold with my last ounce of strength to the Lord's continued faithfulness. Just when I think I can't endure another thing we are faced with 1 more thing and some how beyond our ability we press through. I know He is in the mist of you & your family. Do what you need to take a reprieve. Lord reveal yourself even in tiny ways to bless their hearts & revive them all.