Monday, September 5, 2011

Surgery tomorrow morning/Pray for endurance

Michelle and I had a very frank conversation with our doctor earlier tonight regarding Ryan's current condition. As of right now Ryan's shunt is not open. The echocardiogram confirmed it earlier today. This means that Ryan is not getting adequate blood flow to her heart. At this time we don't know if the shunt is clotted or if it is faulty. They have put Ryan on blood thinners just in case it's a clot. Simply put guys, Ryan could take a nose dive at anytime. Our doctor was very upfront with us about this fact. She is hopeful for Ryan but she also wanted us to know that she is not confident that she will make it through the night. The plan is to have surgery tomorrow to fix/replace the shunt(if necessary) and to close her sternum which at the moment is still open. If it is a clot that is closing off her shunt then we obviously pray that the blood thinners clear it out. If not then we just pray that God gets her through the night to her surgery tomorrow. Thanks, Jared


  1. Our hearts are heavy for you, on our knees for you all! When I was praying I saw the Lord standing between you holding you, He is with you!

  2. wow, what jody said is beautiful
    i don't even have any words except that we are praying
    and we love you SO very much