Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ryan is recovering

Ryan had yet another big day today. She had the line to her VP shunt(in her head) replaced today due to the fact that the previous line may have been contaminated due to Tuesday's emergent surgery. She also had her BT shunt(heart) cleaned out and her chest closed up. Since this was the second time that her chest had been open, a plastic surgeon was called in to assist due to the fact that there was a need to stretch muscle over the sternum for extra cushioning and to clean up the frayed skin before stitching it back together. I tell you these details because this is our reality or should I say...this is Ryan's reality. Ryan has gone through multiple extensive surgeries on a regular basis since she got here just six short weeks ago(today was her 7th). And this little girl has showed me a thing or two about what it means to have strength. How she continues to go down such a difficult path and still have such a willingness to fight blows me away. So as long as she shows us that she wants to fight we will continue to fight right along side her. We truly could not be more proud to be her parents. On another note, Ryan is currently resting easy back in her room with us. She's doing really well and our hope is for a peaceful and restful night. Thanks again for all the prayers. Ryan is a living example that God answers them. Jared


  1. Ryan's strength is so impressive. I don't know many adults who could endure trial after trial and still put up a fight. God is definitely shining through her and in your faith as you face each day. Love and prayers today!

  2. Our prayers remain with you as you endure more than you ever thought possible. We were just transferred to PCH today too but we are in the NICU in the old bldg so don't know that we will bump into each other but feel closer to you none the less. I know the Lord is establishing the most amazing testimony through us all as we endure by His strength. Praise be to Him!