Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back from Cath

Ryan just returned from the OR and she did well. They were able to balloon open her pulmonary arteries which we hope will give her better blood flow to her lungs. Right now we have to wait 3 to 4 days to see how she responds. At that point we will decide whether or not she needs her full heart repair now or later. I will continue to update with new info as I receive it. Thanks, Jared

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  1. Michelle and Jared,

    I am Larry's step granddaughter or I just think of myself as his granddaughter. I just want to encourage u my daughter has been ill seriously b4. not 2 the extent of Ryan. U need 2 take care of u so u can be there 4 her. take help it is ok to do it. it is ok 4 u 2 leave for a little while. it does not make i a bad mom or dad. it makes u a better parent. 2 realize u need a break for ur mental and physical health. it doesn't makeu weak 2 let people help. i am praying 4 all of u. don't lose faith or hope

    in christ,