Friday, October 28, 2011


The seizures were caused by a stroke. How much the stroke affected Ryan is unknown. We will just continue to manage the seizures. We have our weekly care team meeting today and our big question is how the stroke will affect Ryan getting her full heart repair surgery. Please pray for us. Jared


  1. Dear Michelle, Jared & Ryan,

    I came across y'alls blog b/c Christy Smith posted it and was asking for prayers! I then realized it was YOU! I've read all the older posts and followed your journey with precious Ryan! Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! I am so thankful that precious Ryan has awesome parents like y'all to walk through this journey with her! She is so blessed. Pleading with y'all for God's supernatural strength to sustain and uplift all of you! Much Love, Jill (for the Park family)

  2. I love you 3 so very much.
    thank you for updating us Jared

  3. praying for u 3. remember what u beautifully said about hope. little ones tend to heal and change so much faster than adults. god made them pretty sturdy just think about what she has already overcome. God has richly blessed u both even through all the chaos with a beautiful little girl. whatever happens cling to the fact that God works all things together for the good and furthering of His kingdom. Think about how many lives y'all have touched. Just trying to encourage u in the midst of what has to feel like agony. Remember God loves you all including Ryan and He has a plan and purpose 4 her life.

    Jill Walston
    Larry's granddaughter