Monday, October 3, 2011

MRI today

Ryan had an MRI today to check and see if the infection had affected her VP shunt and more importantly her brain. I just spoke to Michelle and the scan revealed nothing new. Everything looked normal. The tests being run for the fungal infection(in her lower airway)take time because fungus grows slowly. As of right now nothing has grown so it's still inconclusive as to whether or not Ryan has a fungal infection. But the reality is that the doctors think it's a matter of time until the sample grows and proves that its a fungus. We can only plead to God that it's not but if it is that He will take it away. But if he doesn't we will still praise and honor Him. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Jared

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  1. Jared, tell them to test for pertussis just to be safe. That is what Eliana ended up with from St Jo's & it is a respiratory infection- a nasty one at that! We are still trying to shake it & she had just caught it when we met-although we didn't know at the time.