Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi there,

Michelle here. :) I just wanted to share some thoughts on hope that I read recently that encouraged us both...
"It is essential to distinguish between hoping and wishing. Wishing is something that we want or think we need in the future. Just because we wish for something good or holy we think it qualifies as hope. It does not. Wishing extends our egos into the future: hope desires what God is going to do - and we don't yet know what that is. Wishing grows out of our egos and; hope grows out of our faith. Hope is oreinted toward what God is doing; wishing is oreinted toward what we are doing. Wishing has to do with what I want in things or people or God; hope has to do with what God wants in me and the world of things and people beyond me. Wishing is our will projected into the future, and hope is God's will coming out of the future. Hope means being surprised, because we don't know what is best for us or how our lives will be completed. To cultivate hope is to suppress wishing - to refuse to fantisize about what we want, but live in anticpation of what God is going to do next. Hope affects the christian life by making us expectant and alive. People who hope never know what is coming next. They expect it is going to be good, becasuse God is good. Even when disasters occur, people of hope look for gow God will use evil for good. A person with hope is alive to God. Hope is powerful. It keeps us on tiptoe, looking for the unexpected. "


  1. What you and Jared are experiencing is something so many of us cannot imagine. The two of you have been so strong and such an example. Through your daughter's experiences, you are showing dedication, love and an extreme amount of hope.

  2. Michelle, It is beautiful how you continue to renew your mind. The Lord is truly glorified in the midst of your trials!
    I also want to apologize for my insensitivity the last time we saw each other. I was likening the feeding challenges we were facing with our little one with Ryan's attempt to take a pacifier as you had reported. I realize there is NO comparison. I felt bad after & wanted you to know I'm sorry. Of all people I should know better as I have dealt with similar insensitive comments. Again, forgive me. We continue to lift you all up in prayer daily. Sorry we missed you before our discharge. We left 1 day short of 4 months in the NICU. We continue to pray Ryan has breakthrough & you all are able to go home with her soon and healed. The Lord is doing a good work here, I know it. May Hope Abound in your hearts!

  3. Michelle, thank you for sharing such a powerful message. I want to be hopeful not wishful. Ryan is so lucky to have you and Jared as her parents. Your faith is convicting and without a doubt affecting her progress. I continue to hope in the Lord and pray in confidence that He will do great things for your family.

  4. This was so encouraging for me, I'm praying yr family!

  5. this is wonderful and such a reminder to all of us who "wish" at times instead of hope. I love you and am thinking of you and your family every day...praying hard for all of you...xoxo