Monday, August 1, 2011

Great News!

Things are going really well here at St Joes! We just got some really good news. In fact it's an answered prayer. The CT scan revealed that Ryan's pulmonary artery is doing work! The nurses have taken her off of the prostaglandin which will allow her PDA to close. This is great news because we can now wait for up to 3 months to have her heart surgery. This means that we can take her home in as early as 2-3 weeks! This will allow her to grow and thrive at home with us instead of in the hospital. Thanks so much to all of you who are praying! Ryan is a testimony of your faith in our Lord. To the one and only God be the glory. Jared


  1. Ohhhh Jared....Brian just texted me to tell me to read your update! WOW--what an amazing answer to prayer! We are both so very very thankful----we LOVE ya'll 3!

  2. God is good. Way to go Baby Ryan, such a little fighter you are. I am so happy for your family.