Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Surgery tomorrow

As I told you all in my last post, Ryan is still leaking CSF from the closure on her back. Due to the risk of infection the doctor's have decided to bring in a plastic surgeon to create a skin flap from Ryan's own skin to cover the closure and make it more secure. This was tough for us to hear. We were really hoping that she could get more of a break from the previous surgeries. But at the same time we know God has a plan for her and we will continue to trust in Him. The prayer request is this: 1st pray that when they change her dressing tomorrow that there is no leakage. 2nd if there is still leakage, that her surgery will be a complete success and that she will have a rapid recovery. The hardest part about this is how well she has been doing. They continue to lower her vent settings daily and her feeding is going great. We just don't wanna see her take any steps back. Thanks so much for the prayers. Jared


  1. WE are praying!!!!!!!!!!
    Your strength and love is so powerful...it inspires us every day. Seriously, God has kept you on our hearts continually and it is such a privilege to walk beside you through all of this----
    sending you our love, praying for peace & rest for your hearts, minds and bodies...we love you!! B&C&K

  2. Jared and Michelle, we are fervently praying for Ryan and her healing. We trust God has a plan for her and He will see her through each of these steps in her recovery. You are both a shining light for the Lord. Like Christy said, your faith is inspiring. Through this situation and even through your words on this website, you are a witness for God and the power of a hope in Him. Love you, Allison