Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ryan's recovery

Last night was rough for Ryan. On top of the pain meds that were in her system from surgery, they had to also hang a morphine drip. She was very uncomfortable last night and we can only assume that she's in pain. Also, her spine closure is not healing properly. They are bringing in a wound specialist this morning to take a look at it. Please continue to pray for all of us. Obviously you all see what Ryan needs prayer for, but this is really challenging for Michelle and I. She just had major surgery 6 days ago and has been on her feet much more often than she should be. There's very few things that she can do right now without my assistance. Please pray that I can have patience through all this. That I will love Michelle well. As much as I love Ryan, Michelle will always be number one. I'm not gonna lie, at times this all becomes too much but there is no way we could get through this without the support you have all provided. Thanks, Jared


  1. Lifting you guys up in prayer now. I can't imagine how physically and emotionally draining this is on each of you. Praying for you to draw strength from God. He knows our weakness and can work through it.

  2. Wow, praying for ya'll Jared----can't even imagine all that is going on for you. Love you so much and praying for patience, strength and love----we LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. You two have a BEAUTIFUL daughter! Stay strong and remember God only gives you what you can handle and along the way he will guide you and over see everything. Your story truly touches my heart and I will be praying for your family everyday!

    Michelle I miss you as does everyone else at CSU, your CSU family has you in our prayers!!