Sunday, August 7, 2011


The second round of test results for Ryan's spinal tap came back negative! At this point she has a 97% chance of being clear of meningitis. They will however test her one more time tomorrow to be sure, if she is clear then they can take her off of the antibiotics that she is currently on. The closure on her back is leaking less and less everyday. The shunt is doing it's job. Please continue to pray that her back will heal and that we can avoid any possibility of an infection. Tomorrow they will remove her foley catheter and begin straight cathing her every 4 hours. This will be a big test for little Ry Ry. The objective of the straight cath is to determine whether or not she is able to empty all of her bladder. Our hope is that she can and that she won't need the use of catheter's. Overall Ryan is doing unbelievably well. She opens her eyes, moves her arms and legs, and her vital signs improve everyday. Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers. Jared


  1. Michelle! Ryan is BEAUTIFUL. Shanda sent me the blog address...been thinking of you often. Love you and your sweet family.

  2. Love u guys so much!! Praying so hard & praising God for good newd!!!! Love u!!!!!!!!! B&C&K