Sunday, August 21, 2011

Post Op

Today was one of the scariest days of mine and Michelle's life. Ryan was very unstable all of last night and neither Michelle or I got much sleep. As soon as I would doze off one of Ryan's monitors would go off. Her heart rate would rapidly drop and then she would convert herself. Her O2 saturations would get down into the 40's with respirations below 20 so they would then start bagging her. This went on for a good chunk of the night. They were able to get her relatively stable prior to surgery but she didn't look good. We waited for her most of the day as her surgery took 6 hours. This procedure normally takes 2. It was very touch and go throughout the entire procedure and we were seriously worried that we were going to lose her. Thank God she came out of surgery ok and that she is still with us. We are by no means out of the woods and the next 8 hours will tell us a lot but all I can say is that we are so happy that she is still here. Let me just brag on Michelle real quick. We were both so exhausted with splitting headaches last night yet my butt layed down and fell asleep while Michelle stayed by Ryan's side all night reading her book after book. What I've learned about Michelle is that she is the toughest person I know. Much tougher than me. I've been so impressed with her throughout this difficult time. She fights so hard for Ryan. I can't imagine a parent being more envolved with their child than she is. I'm so blessed to have her. Please continue to pray for Ryan's recovery. God bless, Jared


  1. Oh Jared & Michelle, my heart wells up for you and baby Ryan. As we drove past PCH tonight on the way home, exhausted from our own struggles the Lord moved my heart to pray for you all and the big hand with the heart symbol on the building spoke deeply to me that the Lord has His loving hand on your baby girl & both of you as well. He is guiding your steps & though darkness may shroud you His light will bring you life. It amazes me how the Body of Christ is everywhere being a joint supply even when we don't know, I know the same is happening for us. I also praise God for Michelle's strength to remain with Ryan, that is the beauty of marriage; the way the Lord allows us to tag team. What a blessing you are to each other to meet were the other is weak. Ryan is truly blessed to have you both as parents! Just imagine her laugh as you both give her kisses! That day will come!
    Listen to "Be strong & courageous" on the CD I gave you. It encourages me constantly.
    much love & prayers,
    Jody & JP-NICU parents @ St Jo's

  2. Hi Jared & Michelle, I'm Allison W's sister-in-law. We've been keeping tabs on you through Allison & checking your blog. I'll be praying for you guys and little Ryan today!

    Psalm 121: 1-2
    I lift up my eyes to the hills--
    Where does my help come from?
    My help comes from the Lord.
    The Maker of Heaven and earth.

  3. If I could describe Michelle in one word, it would be loyal.
    Michelle is the most LOYAL friend I have ever had.
    Even when times get the hardest and most people would run, Michelle is right there loving me. I am so thankful for that beautiful attribute in her. And wow, even moreso as a mama----Jared, I have tears in my eyes picturing her by Ryan's side. I am SO very proud of both of you----Ryan is so so blessed to have YOU as her parent's. Your love for her is so powerful. We are praying with you and believing with you. We love you so very much.

  4. You guys are incredible parents. I know this is not the road you pictured, but I cannot imagine a better Mama and Daddy for Ryan than the two of you. She knows you're there.
    Love y'all.